Taso Papadakis, Filmmaker and Photographer

Taso Papadakis, Director / Cinematographer/ Photographer
taso@tasophoto.com , @tasopapadakis
I'm a commercial art photographer and indie filmmaker.
I currently make images for Los Angeles and UCLA Opera. My live performance photo work is often published in the LA Times.
My motion film work is in the collection of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.
My fine art photography has been featured as decor on TV sets, including the sets of the show “Sons of Anarchy".
I've also worked on photo documentaries including assignments in El Salvador, in order to directly benefit the remote communities there.
Among the highlights in my documentary work , was an opportunity to be close to and photograph the Dalai Lama.
I have a degree in Religious Studies from the University of Southern California and am a large-scale painter for the sake of movement and celebration.

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